At the halfway point of a weight loss journey

A little over two months ago, I was set a challenge by my doctor to lose 10 kilos. I wasn’t yet facing any health risks, but at my weight and at my age, I surely wasn’t too far off. The advice for losing was simple: Eat less sugar, have fewer carbs, and start getting more exercise.

Not one for doing things by halves, I researched the most effective low carb recipes to lose weight, worked out some meal plans with my wife, and started exercise that very night.

We’re at nine weeks later, I have lost 16.4 kilos as of my last ‘official’ weigh-in, smashing the target set by the doctor. According to the BMI tracker app I use, I am now officially out of the obese range and am now merely overweight. I’m now focused on reaching a healthy weight.

I’ve posted about my progress a couple of times on Twitter, and a few people recently have asked me for the secret, so I thought I’d get it down in a blog post.

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