Author: Andy Corrigan

Game Completion 2018 #16 – Old Man’s Journey

Game: Old Man’s Journey Platform: Switch Developer: Broken Rules Publisher: Broken Rules What a delightful little game with beautiful art, simple but satisfying mechanics, and a super-touching plot. I won’t say much more, but it’s a bargain price on the

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Game Completion 2018 #15 – Night in the Woods

Game: Night in the Woods Platform: Switch Developer: Infinite Fall Publisher: Finji Night in the Woods is a weird game with a ton of complex layers and subplots to unpack, and therefore is in some ways exactly what I expected,

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Game Completion 2018 #14 – Bayonetta

Game: Bayonetta Platform: Switch Developer: Platinum Publisher: Nintendo (Originally SEGA) Not going to talk about this one a great deal as I’ve beaten it multiple times before. Some elements have aged less than perfectly, but it’s still a great time

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Game Completion 2018 #13 – Fe

Game: Fe Platform: Switch Developer: Zoink Publisher: EA Played this over two days and really enjoyed it. Previews had it down as some sort of Zelda/Metroid-like in structure, but I found it had more in common with the likes of

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Game Completion 2018 #12 – Celeste

Game: Celeste Platform: Switch Developer: Matt Makes Games Publisher: Matt Makes Games As someone that’s not massively into the type of platformer that Super Meat Boy opened the floodgates for, this wasn’t on my radar at all when it was

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Game Completion 2018 #11 – Rayman Legends

Game: Rayman Legends Platform: Switch Developer: Ubisoft Publisher: Ubisoft I’ve completed this twice before (and reviewed it), so won’t bang on too much about it, other than to say that it’s great and that you should play it.

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Game Completion 2018 #10 – Battle Chef Brigade

Game: Battle Chef Brigade Platform: Switch Developer: Trinket Studios Publisher: Adult Swim I originally had no interest in Battle Chef Brigade, and there were multiple reasons for that. Firstly, match-3 games just aren’t my go-to genre, even on mobile. Secondly,

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Game Completion 2018 #9 – The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Platform: 3DS Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Tri Force Heroes might just be the first ever Zelda game I’ve outright disliked. It’s a multiplayer game first and foremost, and does go out of

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Game Completion 2018 #8 – Lost Sphear

Game: Lost Sphear Platform: Switch Developer: Tokyo RPG Factory Publisher: Square Enix I came into Lost Sphear as a big fan of Tokyo RPG Factory’s previous game, I am Setsuna and, for 30 hours, it was every bit the worthy

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Game Completion 2018 #7 – Pokken Tournament DX

Game: Pokken Tournament DX Platform: Switch Developer: Bandai Namco Studios Publisher: The Pokemon Company Pokken has a pretty lengthy and grindy singleplayer campaign, which I’ve just beaten, so I’m counting it here. The Chroma league was painful at times, especially