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Game Completion 2020 #13 – A Plague Tale: Innocence

Platform: PC Developer: Asobo Studio Publisher: Focus Home Interactive A Plague Tale: Innocence is like a hyper-condensed The Last of US set in France during the Hundred Years’ War, with a unique take on the infamous plague, the ‘Black Death’.

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Game Completion 2020 #12 – Submerged

Platform: Switch Developer: Uppercut Games Publisher: Uppercut Games A small thoughtful yet shallow attempt at hitting the emotional highs of the work of Team ICO or Thatgamecompany. I’ll talk about it on episode 108 of the Switch Focus Podcast.

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Game Completion 2020 #11 – Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy

Platform: Switch Developer: Level-5 Publisher: Level-5 The last time I played an entry in Level 5’s Layton series was Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, which was a smart, entertaining and charming puzzle ’em up. The Millionaires’ Conspiracy, unfortunately, is

Game Completion 2020 #10 – Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Platform: Switch Developer: Beenox Publisher: Activision Restored my faith in non-Mario Kart kart racers after the disappointment that was Team Sonic Racing. I’m now officially ready for a Diddy Kong Racing remaster. You hear me, Nintendo?

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Game Completion 2020 #9 – Team Sonic Racing

Platform: Switch Developer: Sumo Digital Publisher: SEGA As a huge fan of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, I was pretty disappointed by Team Sonic Racing. The ‘team’ element had some neat ideas that never really gelled for me, especially when

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Game Completion 2020 #8 – Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Platform: PS4 Developer: SIE Japan Studio Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Somehow both an incredible little platformer on its own terms and a smart nod to Nintendo’s mascot’s adventures, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is continually a delight. Would be my favourite

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Game Completion 2020 #7 – Portal 2

Platform: PC Developer: Valve Publisher: Valve Also still slaps, but with smart additions to the puzzle formula and a great story.

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Game Completion 2020 #6 – Portal

Platform: PC Developer: Valve Publisher: Valve Still slaps.

Game Completion 2020 #5 – Mark of the Ninja Remastered

Platform: PC Developer: Klei Entertainment Publisher: Klei Entertainment Enjoyable stealth platformer, but I didn’t really end up caring about the story as much as the game thought I should.

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Game Completion 2020 #4 – Spec Ops: The Line

Platform: PC Developer: Yager Publisher: 2K, Missing Link Games Do you feel like a hero yet?

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