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Game Completion 2020 #6 – Portal

Platform: PC Developer: Valve Publisher: Valve Still slaps.

Game Completion 2020 #5 – Mark of the Ninja Remastered

Platform: PC Developer: Klei Entertainment Publisher: Klei Entertainment Enjoyable stealth platformer, but I didn’t really end up caring about the story as much as the game thought I should.

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Game Completion 2020 #4 – Spec Ops: The Line

Platform: PC Developer: Yager Publisher: 2K, Missing Link Games Do you feel like a hero yet?

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Game Completion 2020 #3 – Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore

Platform: Switch Developer: Atlus Publisher: Nintendo A vapid story compared to that I typically expect from Atlus’s Persona series, but I warmed on Tokyo Mirage Sessions the more I played. It’s the combat that’s the star, though, which is just

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Game Completion 2020 #2 – Wordscapes

Platform: iOS Developer: PeopleFun Publisher: PeopleFun Chipped away at this word game on mobile over three years. Not much to say about it as it filled a ten minute hole here and there, but hampered by a lot of repetition.

Game Completion 2020 #1 – Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Platform: PS4 Developer: FromSoftware Publisher: Bandai Namco Wanted to replay this before heading into Dark Souls III for the first time as my memory was extremely sketchy. Even though it’s considered the worst (least great) of the series, I like

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