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Game Completion 2020 #73 – Shady Part of Me

Platform: Switch Developer: Douze Dixiemes Publisher: Focus Home Interactive A dark, thoughtful but always enjoyable puzzle-platformer. I’ll talk about it more in depth on a future episode of the N-Focus Podcast.

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Game Completion 2020 #72 – Burnout Paradise Remastered

Platform: PS5 Developer: Criterion Publisher: EA A terrifically varied open-world racer.

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Game Completion 2020 #71 – DiRT 5

Platform: PS5 Developer: Codemasters Publisher: Codemasters With the exception of Sprint Car races, DiRT 5 is a beautiful, enjoyable racer that’s elevated massively by the DualSense’s haptics. Unfortunately, it’s also a little buggy, including regular software crashes and trophies that

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Game Completion 2020 #70 – Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Platform: PS5 Developer: Insomniac Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment More of the same but prettier, smoother and shorter (not a complaint). Miles is a great Spidey, and I loved that this was set at Christmas. ‘Tis the season and all that.

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Game Completion 2020 #69 – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Platform: PS5 Developer: Treyarch and Raven Software Publisher: Activision Decided to give this a go for two reasons. Firstly, the Modern Warfare reboot was pretty decent and did interesting things in regards to its subject matter, especially on the idea

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Game Completion 2020 #68 – Astro’s Playroom

Platform: PS5 Developer: SIE Japan Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Low key one of the of the best games of the year and a delightful run through the history of Sony’s PlayStation.

Game Completion 2020 #67 – Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Platform: Switch Developer: Omega Force Publisher: Nintendo Improves on the original Hyrule Warriors in almost all areas, but especially in its expanded combat systems and tone. Some… less than ideal story elements prevent it from being the true Breath of

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Game Completion 2020 #66 – Paper Mario: The Origami King

Platform: Switch Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Top-tier writing didn’t quite rescue a game utterly devoid of interesting systems and severe pacing problems.

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Game Completion 2020 #65 – Transformers: Battlegrounds

Platform: Switch Developer: Coatsink Publisher: Outright Games A great genre entry point for youngsters or newcomers, but not nearly challenging enough for those familiar with its tried and tested systems.

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Game Completion 2020 #64 – Bloodborne (and The Old Hunters DLC)

Platform: PS4 Developer: FromSoftware Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment I think this is my fifth time through Bloodborne but my previous runs were all new-game pluses made before the DLC dropped. Given it’s ill-advised to do Souls DLC in NG+, I’d

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