Game Completion 2018 #2 – Mighty Gunvolt Burst

  • Game: Mighty Gunvolt Burst
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Inti Creates
  • Publisher: Inti Creates

The second game I beat in 2018 was Mighty Gunvolt Burst. From it, I was hoping for a merely-decent Mega Man clone in the absence of both the blue bomber’s legacy collections on Switch, and that’s exactly what I got.

Featuring Beck from the much-maligned Mighty No. 9, and a character from the Gunvolt series – both games I’ve never played –  it’s slightly more forgiving than old-school Mega Man, thanks to friendly checkpointing and heaps of character customisation, but the challenge throughout is brilliantly balanced.

It’s nothing memorable, however. It’s junk food; cheap, fun while it lasts, but a short pleasure and forgotten the second you move onto something else.