Game Completion 2018 #10 – Battle Chef Brigade

  • Game: Battle Chef Brigade
  • Platform: Switch
  • Developer: Trinket Studios
  • Publisher: Adult Swim

I originally had no interest in Battle Chef Brigade, and there were multiple reasons for that. Firstly, match-3 games just aren’t my go-to genre, even on mobile. Secondly, I can’t cook in real-life and have never really enjoyed cooking or time management games. Lastly, when I watched trailers of the combat, to me, there was no way the game could be anything other than clunky.

Its popularity, however, has forced me to reconsider all of the above, and I’m glad I did, because this is one wonderful game. The art style is utterly gorgeous. The match-3 mechanics are simple and thoroughly enjoyable. The combat is surprisingly slick; it feels great. The story is also abundantly charming, propped up by well-written and interesting characters, and I think its charm went a long way in getting me on board in the early stages.

It’s weird. I feel like it shouldn’t work; that its mechanics too separate to equate to a cohesive game. Yet these mechanics are merely tasty ingredients that combine beautifully to make one hell of a dish.