Game Completion 2018 #23 – Dying Light

  • Game: Dying Light
  • Platform: PS4
  • Developer: Techland
  • Publisher: Warner Bros.

As a spiritual follow-up to Techland’s Dead Island series, Dying Light treads its own path as something of a Mirror’s Edge with Zombies.

It’s an improvement on Dead Island, for sure, while never quite hitting anywhere near ‘great’. What I found interesting is the difference in design philosophies; how tough things are at the opening, and how they become far easier the more skills you unlock. No enemies with scaling levels here; you get tougher, more skilled and that makes it feel a lot more rewarding as you progress.

The story is mostly throwaway, sadly, and though I’d heard that side-quests were the real star of the show in terms of writing, I found them mostly uninteresting or at worst, punching down toward some of its cast.