Game Completion 2018 #32 – The Banner Saga 2

  • Game: The Banner Saga 2
  • Platform: Switch
  • Developer: Stoic Studio
  • Publisher: Versus Evil

I loved the first Banner Saga when it launched on Switch last Month, and the sequel managed to solve my only real issue with it – its end-game difficulty spike. The Banner Saga 2 is mechanically a friendlier and all round easier experience, but the story is every bit as harrowing and bleak, and brilliantly so.

I found myself role-playing this one more, though, with the adventure split between two parties helmed by two very different personalities. There was one decision in particular that I sense will have huge ramifications on the upcoming threequel and, though I desperately wanted to go in one direction, I felt that there was only one action the character in question would have taken, and it was the one that went against my own logic as the player.

I agonised over it, but ultimately went with what I thought the character would do instead. I may well regret that, but I can’t wait to find out.