Game Completion 2018 #55 – God of War III Remastered

  • Game: God of War III
  • Platform: PS4 (Original PS3)
  • Developer: Sony Santa Monica Studio
  • Publisher: Sony

Soooo, God of War III is certainly a God of War game with higher production values allowed by better hardware at the time of development.

Here’s the thing I’m finding with this series so far: I’m enjoying the moment-to-moment gameplay loop and the big set pieces that show the scale of the mythological world that Kratos rampages through, but I couldn’t begin to tell you what game a particular scene is from, such is the way they’re all blurring together into my memory. None of these games are, of themselves, memorable in any way.

The ending was… interesting, I guess, and I’m sure it’d have been really impactful had any amount of effort been made to make me sympathise with its raging protagonist. The only instance of trying to address any sort of sympathy so far has come in a non-essential handheld spin-off.