Game completion 2019 #1 – Wasteland 2

  • Game: Wasteland 2
  • Platform: Switch
  • Developer: inXile Entertainment
  • Publisher: Deep SIlver

I got pretty far into Wasteland 2 on PS4, but deleted it there the second I knew it was coming to Switch. This was a mistake: the Switch port is pretty buggy, particularly in terms of crashing during loading screens, which became so regular towards the end I would have just dumped it had I not been so close to finishing.

The game itself is a weird one. It feels like it had 20 lead creative directors all pulling in different directions, while barely any of the jokes or dialogue landed, but there’s definitely something about it. Every time I was about to decide that I was no longer enjoying it, a good stretch would kick in and I’d be right back in there.