Game Completion 2020 #17 – Cindered Shadows (Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC)

  • Platform: Switch
  • Developer: Intelligent Systems
  • Publisher: Nintendo

I was neither here nor there on the Cindered Shadows DLC for a good portion of my playthrough, what with it adding only seven new missions to last year’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses and with none of the character development–story-wise nor mechanically–that I enjoyed so much from that base game.

The missions seemed pretty pedestrian too until I got to the second half, which delivered probably my favourite two missions of Three Houses outright. These missions were tough and tense but also exhilarating, seeing me scrape through, agonising over every move and using its four new characters in interesting ways. That’s also where its best newbie, Yuri, really came into his own, encouraging me to get really creative with his unique skillset.