Game Completion 2021 #24 – Metro 2033 Redux

  • Platform: Switch
  • Developer: 4A Games
  • Publisher: Deep Silver

I wasn’t too hot on the original version of Metro 2033 but I enjoyed the Redux version quite a bit more, despite many of my original complaints standing firm.

The early portion still suffers the worst where its pacing often prevents you from engaging in its terrific mix of stealth and gunplay, instead making you slowly walk through samey looking settlements with not much to do. I get it, it’s a grim life, you’ve already shown me this. The second half flows much better and is far more visually interesting and varied.

Meanwhile, combat against the Russian wasteland’s mutated wildlife is still just kinda bad, seeing combat devolve into walking backwards and unloading your weapons constantly as creatures snap in your face.

Overall, though, I recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. The Switch port is fantastic, runs beautifully and looks great.